Wednesday, August 10, 2016

101 things in 1001 Days #15 Make croissants

Every since I saw the article about them in my Martha Stewart magazine I have wanted to try making croissants but all the rolling in the butter and folding intimidated me.  One of the blessings from doing this list is that I am more apt to give things a try.  A week ago I had the thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to enter croissants into the fair?" and just as I started to blow that thought off and come up with all the reasons why I couldn't, I thought "Go for it! Make croissants to enter into the fair!" There were many times when I thought it would be too hard, that I should just enter something more simple, but I kept going and felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment as I could smell that delicious bread baking smell!  They didn't turn out quite like I had imagined, they were a little dry.  I probably won't win the "Best of Show" ribbon I was hoping for, but I am so glad I tried.  I will keep on trying and figuring out what I can do better next time!

Here are the instructions!

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