Saturday, October 17, 2015

#66 Go to the Gourmandise Bakery in Salt Lake City

This may come as a surprise to most of you, but I love bakeries.  Again, shocker...I feel very at home in them.  I love the smells, the atmosphere, the treats, and the entire magical experience.  Today we went down to Bountiful to celebrate my nephews' birthdays and had the chance to slip over to the Gourmandise bakery.  I've heard about this bakery for years and despite getting to the Salt Lake area quite a few times I year, I've never been.  It was definitely a delightful experience.  It is a pretty cafe type bakery, with white lights all along the awning.  There is a place to eat outside but it was sprinkling so no one was out there, just a family of sparrows who had stopped by for an afternoon treat of crumbs.  The inside was bustling, there was a hostess sitting people for lunch (it looked like a pretty good lunch menu) and there were also people just at the counter picking out baked goods from the display case.  Their cakes looked immaculate.  The breads were humongous.  There were rainbow colored fruit pastries and a variety of French delights, including macaroons and palmier.  I decided on a palmier, which is a large twisty crunchy pastry made out of puff pastry dough.  To me the inside tasted like a croissant while the outside tasted like the pie crust edge on a pie.  It was delightful! I enjoyed the entire experience and will have to make stopping at Gourmandise bakery a Salt Lake necessity!

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