Monday, October 12, 2015

#74-Make Homemade Citrus Cleaner

I LOVE the smell of oranges.  I love the smell orange peel.  As a kid, when I would peel my oranges I would twist the pieces of peel around my finger and bend them in half drawing out the oils and then I would just smell the heavenly scent that it left behind on my hands.  When I saw this idea for a homemade citrus cleaner I knew that was something I needed to try.  It is very simple.  Basically, peel an orange, place all the peels in a large mason jar.  Fill the jar with vinegar (either regular or cleaning) put somewhere a little cooler and wait.   The longer that you wait the better.  I waited about 3 1/2 weeks.  After the smell is orange instead of vinegar, take out all the peels.  When I do it again, I will probably make more than one jar because to wait over three weeks for a half a jar of cleaner was a bit of a let down but the cleaner itself is wonderful and has no harsh chemicals!  I added about 15 drops of orange essential oil.   The smell might be a bit over-powering but is delightfully citrusy.  I would say that it would probably be fine to dilute it a bit with distilled water.  All in all this was a very fun experiment!

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