Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eight Cousins

My next book on my way to reading all of Louisa May Alcott's classics was "Eight Cousins."  What a delightful story! It is the story of Rose Campbell, a girl who lost her mother when she was a little baby and then after losing her father to death as well, was sent to live with her father's family, which includes seven boy cousins.  She comes as a sickly, very melancholy little girl and over the course of the novel really blossoms.

The main thing I love about the Rose stories (there is a sequel that is next up on the list) is that they  really are only Alcott novels that shows the importance of a father figure.  Rose's Uncle Alec is chosen to be her legal guardian and he is one of my favorite Alcott characters of all time.  He is jovial, so very kind and gentle, and takes very good care of "his little girl."  I won't give away what happens at the end of the book but it is evident how much he cherishes Rose and it is a beautiful relationship that we get to see develop.

I love this book because of it's beautiful themes of good health, the benefit of service, and the importance of a little bit of kindness. It has been a wonderful experience to read all of these books again from the perspective of a Young Women leader.  Although I don't have any daughters right now, I do have girls I love with all my heart and reading these books have given such a great perspective on values girls need that should never grow old-fashioned.  I am excited to read the next book in the Rose series.  I am halfway done with my goal!

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